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About Dr Comma

Dr Comma - a solution for your skin problems. Dr Comma is a professional skincare brand that focuses on using high quality natural ingredients combined with innovative medical science and technology.


Dr Comma is developed by a dedicated team of Korean doctor, skin experts and cosmetics research & development experts who understand and know your skin the best. The formulas have got to be effective, accurate and harmless to the skin.


We offer innovative and effective products that cater for all skin needs, even sensitive skin. All Dr Comma products are formulated with high standards. We enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Healthy Skin, Happy Skin, Pretty Skin!


Brand Story

Dr Comma's journey began over a few years when Dr Kim met a Hong Kong girl who was suffering from sensitive skin problem. She couldn't find effective skincare products which are made with safe, natural, high-quality ingredients to make skin looked and felt great.

With a background in medicine, Dr Kim worked with skin experts and cosmetics research & development experts. They poured their heart into creating hypoallergenic skincare products for her. She was so impressed by the healing products designed by Dr Kim and she gained the health of her skin back. She had a whole new level of confidence in her skin after using these healing and effective products.

One day she thought, many people are suffering skin problems in the world, why not share these amazing products with more people? - That's how Dr Comma was born!

Everyone deserves a doctor Oppa to love your skin! Through all of our fine products, you can experience the scientifically proven comfort that the Dr Comma brand provides. Dr Comma is ready to give you an everlasting beauty!

Mission: Timeless Beauty

Dr Comma aims to provide high quality and effective products that are suitable for everyone. We believe in offering a user-friendly and effective skincare regimen that takes into consideration your lifestyle and specific skin concerns. We strive to develop skincare products that provide you with a moisturizing and healthy environment that maximizes the power of your skin. This desire has driven continuous innovation and advancement in our skin counselling experience. We will make a good skin day for you everyday!


Our final goal is not just skin improvement, but it is to provide value that can add colour, happiness and positive vibes to our customers. We want to enrich life through the skin and provide new value to the world. It would be no exaggeration to say that the happiness of each individual has the power to change society. We will also pay attention to the cultures, societies and environments that enrich our inner beauty.


Our Commitment

To provide our customers with safe, reliable and stable quality that lasts until the final drop, our production adheres to cosmetics GMP. We are using world class quality and environment management systems to produce the products.

We are thorough about eliminating any ingredients that may result in skin problems and choose to use only raw materials that are confirmed to be safe and functional. In manufacturing activities, we produce all the products in the cosmetics GMP factories with international standards of quality by obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

High Performance Beauty

Powered by Nature. Proven by Science: Dr Comma mission is to create safe, high-performance products that deliver visible results powered by nature and proven by science. Because we are dedicated to help you make thoughtful decisions – ones that are right for you.

Mindfully Formulated: Dr Comma products are formulated without: Parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, diathanolamine (DEA), polyethylene beads and animal ingredients.


We ensure our products are safe for your skin. Each of our ingredients and finished products are rigorously evaluated for safely, and we constantly study the latest science to only use ingredients that meet our own exceedingly high quality standards, and yours.

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